the salt and swell of the ocean

When my Mom was here last weekend we drove out to pick up some stuff out of storage and we walked down to the dock to have a look. It's always so beautiful and overwhelmingly calm on that dock. I love being near the ocean. The Puget Sound area is particularly stunning. This spring and summer I really really want to go on adventures around Western Washington and the Olympic Peninsula. I've always wanted to go on adventures like Tieka does with her husband, exploring her home state of Michigan. I love going for impromptu drives with no destination in particular. Especially around the Puget Sound area, you're always near the ocean.

jacket/tulle :: jeans/courtesy of jessica simpson :: shoes/minnetonka
photos by my mom

This morning I had a job interview at my favorite coffee shop in Tacoma. I'm really pulling for this one. I was disappointed in my performance at my last interview two days ago, but I'm kinda hoping I don't get that job anyway since I would LOVE to work at this other shop. I got a shift interview on Monday, so I'm praying that all my coffee skills come back to me. I love making espresso, but I haven't done it in a little over a year. I wish I could go somewhere and practice!

Oh, and I did a bit of blog tweaking last night. I'm trying to get back into drawing more, so I decided to draw a little self portrait for my "welcome" thingy. I'm thinking of doing some freelance drawings, so if you want something drawn for your blog header/sidebar or somethin', let me know! I'd love to see if people are interested!