two wheels north

This is my new (vintage) bike! It's my mom's bike that she rode in the 80's and I adore it. So much more practical than my heavy cruiser. I love riding bikes. I used to ride to school when I was in college and I decided back then that I wanted to end up living somewhere that I could ride my bike. I have a car for when I have to go somewhere out of range of my bike, or if I have to pick up something that is to large to carry on my bike, but other than that, I really enjoy using my bike to get around. It's free and it's exercise! And biking makes you look super cool too. It's like a sweet accessory!

I really want to do a drawing/print series of bikes. I have so many ideas in my head for artwork right now! I still want to make a screen printing shop so I can make some prints. I wish I had a garage to make it in. That's one bummer about living in an apartment. I do love a garage. I secretly want to buy a house. Lord knows I can't afford to, but I like the idea of my money going to paying down a house, rather than throwing my money away on rent every month.

t-shirt & jeans/hot topic :: cardigan/target :: hodge booties/courtesy of blowfish shoes

I'm loving these shoes. They're perfect for riding around Tacoma. Unfortunately they kinda rub my feet and I got some blisters, so whenever I wear them now I stick some duct tape where they rub, which fixes the problem. That's how you know I'm Alaskan-- I use duct tape for fashionable reasons. Haha. Alaskans are all about the duct tape.