the night is young and so are we

Last night my friend Stephen had a pancake party at his house which was uh-may-zing. Seriously. I was going to wait to post these tomorrow, but I couldn't wait! Chocolate chip pancakes + great friends + dancing = awesome. I think I inhaled two pancakes immediately upon setting foot inside. I'm so grateful to already have so many great friends here. I haven't had a group like this since college. Sitting at the coffee shop and seeing people I know all the time is my favorite. This place has quickly made me fall in love with it. Such high quality individuals here. I feel very much a part of the community, which is the best feeling- to feel like you belong.

I took some video of the party too. I'm loving having a DSLR that can shoot video. I'm really enjoying making these little videos that show snippets of life. I'm not a master filmmaker by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like making quick little films!

song in video//Electric Feel-MGMT