An Apology

The other day I was reading through my bloglovin posts, when I stumbled upon a post from a blogger I enjoy, The Magpie Girl. The post was titled "A Little Controversial..." so my proverbial ears pricked up and I went, "huh, I wonder what this is about." As I read through the post, a sickening feeling came over me as I realized that her post was about me.

A couple months ago I had written a post on a day I was feeling particularly bummed out, and she was so kind and thoughtful that she took the time to draw me a little portrait and email it to me with a lovely note. I received it and felt so very lucky to have such wonderful readers who would take the time to try to cheer me up like that. I closed out of my email account, planning on replying to her later that day. And then I forgot to reply to the email. I feel like I do this more frequently than I should, I wish I had another me that could be completely dedicated to emails. I'll often open a set of new messages in my inbox and then mentally think to myself, "I'll reply to those in a bit," and then I get busy doing something else and completely forget about it... and then a new batch of emails comes in and the cycle starts again.

Part of my attempt to be more disciplined in 2011 is that I'm trying to respond to emails the second I read them (if it's possible). That way I don't neglect to respond to amazing emails like Vicki's. I was so ashamed of myself for being so absent minded and rude, and if you've ever sent me an email that you were hoping to get a reply to, but didn't, please don't think I was ignoring it on purpose. And if it does happen, please don't hesitate to send me a reminder email. I don't mean for this to be an airing of dirty laundry type post, I just really wanted to publicly apologize to Vicki (and anyone else who has fallen into the very deep cracks of my inbox). I'm thankful for her for being civil and keeping "the blogger" anonymous, but I didn't want to hide behind the cowardice veil of anonymity and felt like it would be right to own up to my own shortcomings.

I'm trying to schedule a time in the next week where I can have a few hours to devote to going through all my emails, sorting them, and replying to those that need replying. So hopefully if you are one of those people lost in my inbox, you'll soon get a reply! And if you still don't, it might've gotten deleted in my junkmail filter.