a blustery day

It was quite a nasty day outside yesterday, but I tried to grab a few shots of my outfit. This was just a work outfit. I didn't feel like wearing my typical work t-shirt and jeans combo, so I grabbed this skirt due to its espresso color. I figured if coffee got on it, it wouldn't matter since it was brown anyways. I can't wait until I don't have to wear leggings. I'm kind of getting sick of them. Spring come faster! I long for your warm days and bare legs!

So, here's something sort of funny. Since moving to Tacoma, I've gone back to going by "Libby," since this is what Dan knows me by. I met Dan five years ago in college and when I started college I decided to change my name from Liz, which I went by all through elementary and high school, to Libby. After college I decided to just go by Elizabeth, since I realized that I really love my full name. But since every one already kind of knew me by "Libby" here in Tacoma (from Dan telling them about me, or by him introducing me to them), I've sort of ended up going back to being Libby. What I've started realizing, though, is that when I try to say my name is "Libby," a lot of people hear "Olivia." Haha! Part of me just doesn't want to correct them. I don't actually mind the name Olivia. I feel like I don't have much attachment to any name, other than my full given name, so whatever name people want to call me I'm okay with. Often people will ask me what name I prefer and I have a hard time answering that question because I don't really have a preference! I guess I prefer Elizabeth, but whatever! Maybe I should just start going by Olivia. I think it's kind of funny to have so many names that I go by. Liz, Libby, Olivia, Livvy, Elizabeth. Whatever! A rose by any other name... actually, I don't like roses. A Daffodil by any other name. That's better...

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