cruisin' down the avenue

I've really wanted to take some photos on 6th avenue lately and so yesterday when I was out and about, I grabbed a few. I didn't have my tripod or a friend to do the photos though, so I propped my camera up on a table like the good old days when my blog was a little fledgling blog! I'm actually standing next to the wine bar that Dan and I went to on our first date! 6th Ave is definitely my favorite spot for people watching. Especially on sunny days when it's not too cold to sit outside and you can just sip on a cup of coffee and relax behind a pair of sunglasses while the world passes by.

I've decided to become officially obsessed with Winnebagos. I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "wait, you weren't already officially obsessed?" And you're probably right. But! Yesterday was the day that I started collecting vintage Winnebago paraphernalia and knick knacks. I bought two of these and I started perusing ebay for more Winne stuff. I'm probably going to be that 50 year old woman with a huge collection of Winnebago things. But come on. Those little trinkets are super cute, and if they should be in anyone's house it should be mine. Amirite?
I already have Brave art all over my house, and that little plush Brave my mom made me for Christmas. Sometimes it just feels so good to totally and completely geek out over something.

coat/tulle :: dress/cosette :: tights/target :: boots/dolce vita for target

I want to thank you guys for all the wonderful and amazing comments on my open mic post. You guys really made me want to pursue music more and actually get down to writing/finishing some songs! I've always been pretty shy about singing, so thanks so much for infusing some more confidence into me! Maybe if I get more originals recorded I'll try to figure out how to offer a little EP for download, and I really really want to work on stuff with Daniel, so if that ever comes to fruition, I'll definitely share it with you all!