I gave you all

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. I spent the morning hanging out with Dan, watching TV on Hulu and just chilling out, then I went home and got cozy with some soup and Mumford & Sons. Then in the evening Dan and I went over to watch open mic, though this time I hadn't prepared anything to perform. Maybe next week. It was nice to just chill and listen. I work all weekend so I pretended that yesterday was my weekend.

autumn ambiance dress/courtesy of modcloth :: scarf/pashmina
leggings/target :: boots/courtesy of bc footwear

This dress is one of my favorite dresses to wear. Since getting it in December I've probably worn it around seven times. It's so comfortable it's basically like wearing pajamas, and for some reason it's really fun to remix. I don't think I've worn it the same way twice ever so far. I can't wait until the temperatures start to warm up because I can just tell this dress is going to be a perfect summer dress!

I got these boots in the mail the other day and felt like a kid on Christmas ripping open the packaging. Okay, well, I'm like that every time I get any sort of mail (that isn't junkmail or bills). When I was getting dressed and contemplating what shoes to pair with this dress that would be practical as the snow lingers, I looked over and these boots practically leapt onto my feet! I love that you can fold them down and have the cute floral interior show. It just happens to match my dress exactly. Serendipitous!