song sung blue

After many hours of waiting for these videos the upload to Vimeo, here they are! I told Daniel that he had to video me playing open mic so I could prove that I actually did it, haha. I put down my name on the open mic list to go last because I thought that by then people would be tired and go home, thus leaving a smaller audience to have to sing in front of, but alas. This logic backfired and there was still a ton of people there! Plus, it meant that I had to be nervous for longer and had to watch everyone else perform before I went. Maybe next time (if there is one) I'll situate myself in the middle somewhere.
I don't feel like I have much of a "stage presence" at this point, so I mostly just got straight to doing my little songs. The first song I sang I was still suuuper nervous and kept playing the wrong chords, haha. The song was "It Ain't Me Babe."

The second song I did was "You really got a hold on me." I really adore Zooey's version of it with She & Him, so that's the version I covered. Dan was cute and wanted to video more of me so he flipped the camera vertical, so halfway through, you'll have to cock your head sideways, haha.

The last song I did was a jaunty, silly, folksy song I wrote. I felt like I had to do an original song and not just a bunch of covers and this is the only song I've ever finished. Unfortunately that means that I have to write another song if I want to do open mic again. Maybe that'll just be motivation...

I have more songs recorded that you can listen to at my music page, if you'd like. They're all just covers as of right now since, as I previously said, I have a terrible time actually finishing any of my own songs. I've been playing a bit with Dan, who is an amazing guitarist, singer and songwriter, and maybe one of these days we'll get our acts together and actually play open mic or something as a "band."