down home

Yesterday was one of those days where I wish I had a photographer instead of a me-running-back-and-forth-from-the-tripod. I did two sets of outfit photos and I was displeased with both! Ugh. By the time I realized what happened with the second one the sun was setting and I'd lost my light, so instead, here is a little sneak peek into my blogging zone. I don't have an office or studio type deal to do my work- I kind of have always liked to be in a living area when I do my work. Back when I was in high school I'd do all my homework in the kitchen, and in college I'd do my school work in the living area, not hidden away in my bedroom. I don't like the idea of being locked up in this little room where no one passes through and I'm just alone... trapped with my work! Haha, maybe that makes for a more productive work environment, but I don't really like it. Though, I would prefer to have a space where I can organize all my work things. Right now my printer/scanner is in a corner of my kitchen so whenever I use that I have to move my whole set up to the kitchen counter. I do have a table I could work at, but I just love sitting in a comfy couch when I do my work.
I also love going to my favorite coffee shop and sitting right by the huge windows overlooking the main street, occasionally stopping my work to enjoy the warm glow of the sun, or to watch people strolling about to and fro. It's nice to just sit with a cup of coffee and a bagel with the background noise of people's daily lives surrounding me. Maybe one of these days when Dan and I go there I'll have him snap some photos so you can see my other favorite blogging locale.

top+shoes+cardigan/target :: skirt/forever 21 :: necklace/handmade

I got a few more spring/summery pieces at Target the other day, and this top was one of them. It's so light and airy, it'll be perfect for warm summer days. For now a cardigan is still 100% necessary. Bare legs are still a bit sketchy right now too, but I only spent a little bit of time outdoors yesterday, so it was doable. I added some black leggings as day turned to evening for some added warmth.

In a few more blog updates, I've added a new spot on my left sidebar where you can find a link to e-courses and my art portfolio! Since every seemed to love the INDIE E-Conference so much, Tieka and I have decided to turn it into an e-course that you can sign up for whenever! It'll be available at any time for you to sign up for, and at the request of a lot of INDIE conference attendees, we've also added a Personalized Blog Consultation option as an add-on (or you can get that separately, if you'd prefer to only do that). We were so thrilled that those who attended the e-conference found it so helpful, so we'd love to be able to continue to offer it to any bloggers who'd like to participate!