Adventure gear // Kelly Moore Bags!

I love taking my camera everywhere with me, but it's a hassle having to bring my ugly old camera bag with me. I'm already carrying a big bag because I bike every where, and I'm usually bringing either books or my laptop with me, so my poor little camera either gets put in with everything else, nestled among my computer, books and other things, or I wear it outside my bag. I've been trying to find a bag that would be perfect for carrying everything together and I just ran across these bags by Kelly Moore on Moorea's blog, and lo and behold... this bag is practically screaming my name! No, wait... it IS screaming my name! Libby! What a perfect bag for a blogger! You've got room for your camera, your laptop, books, and anything else a blogger might need! They have the Libby bag in grey, blue and this gorgeous caramel color, as well as a bunch of other beautiful camera bags. My favorite color is the caramel, and I'm totally planning on saving up for one!

They have some awesome videos that show you how the bags work, as well, which is nice because you get a look at the scale and function of the bags. I find it's hard to shop online for stuff like this because you never know how big or what it's going to be like when you actually have the bag. Oh, and they had this really cute promo video, which makes me so antsy to get my lens back and for summer to start so I can make sun drenched little videos like this!