down by the bay

In between working on cars, relocating the Winne and Elky, and doing chores around the house, I grabbed some more spring/summery clothes out of storage, including this dress! I was kind of bummed about the hem falling apart last fall, so I put it in storage, but I'm gonna fix it up and wear it, cuz it's too lovely not to. My Dad noticed the hem that was half falling apart and handed me a roll of masking tape as a quick fix. Now I remember where my frugal DIY genetics come from!

I wasn't too sure about rocking the dress-with-pants look, memories of a few years back when it was all the rage still lingering in my mind. I wasn't a huge fan of the look back then, but thought I'd try it out anyway. I don't think it looks half bad. It helps that these aren't technically jeans but jeggings, so they kind of look more like leggings. Plus, it's still a bit cold to go bare-legged just yet, but the sun was out and trying it's hardest to give us a bit of heat!

capriana dress/modcloth :: belt/brighton :: jeans/courtesy of jessica simpson :: boots/target

My Dad has been taking my photos the past couple days because I'm using my 90mm macro lens, haha! And I thought I had to be far from the camera with my 50mm! It's actually a really fun lens to take photos with. Macro photos are amazing! It's almost like having a microscope. I've sent my 50 to Canon to get fixed again, so hopefully it comes back soon. I've broken it like 3 times now... it's getting old. I'm actually thinking of buying a 35mm, which I've been wanting for ages, but dropping that much dough on anything always makes me tense. I'm convinced it's a great purchase though, so now I just have to grow the cojones to click "buy now".

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photos by my Dad