fake plastic trees

Weather in Tacoma was crazy yesterday! When I woke up the sky was beautiful, blue and bright and I got all excited to sit outside my favorite coffee shop reading and sipping on an americano, but by the time I left home it was getting cloudy and when I got to the coffee shop it had started raining. Then when I was in there it started getting really windy, and apparently there was a wind advisory for 50 mph winds! I tried to think of somewhere to take outfit photos that wouldn't have rain or wind and the only place I could think was Point Defiance, where the forest would hide me from both wind and rain (mostly). I'm pretty sure it was the only place in the entire city where the wind wasn't going to blow my hair in 100 different directions. I think wind is my least favorite weather phenomenon. I get annoyed when the vents blow cold air on me in the car, that's how much it bugs me. This is my hypothesis as to why wind annoys me: wind blows hair > hair tickles face > face itches = itchy and annoyed.

apple bobbing dress/modcloth :: jacket/b.b. dakota via nordstrom rack :: tights+boots/target

I mailed my lens in to Canon yesterday to get it fixed. I always freak out a bit inside when I mail something expensive like that. I'm convinced it'll get lost in some sort of postal-alternate-universe, never to be seen again. I feel like things that get lost in the mail probably end up in the same neverland as socks that go missing in the laundry.

I can't believe it's Friday already! Was it just me or did the past week just fly by? It was probably because I was doing a bunch of work and hanging out with my Dad, but I still can't believe that we're almost halfway through March. I'm convinced that as I get older, time goes by faster and faster. Pretty soon I'll be in my forties and will wonder where the past 20 years have gone...