hello, again, hello

Yesterday Dad and I gave the Brave a new home and took off the El Camino's flat tire to go get it fixed. The Camino also leaked out a ton of transmission fluid so I cleaned that up and we're going to try and get her in running condition so I can have my baby back! The Brave and Camino have been sharing a storage unit for the past few months getting to know each other. I suspect they are BFF's now, haha. I have to move them out to make room for my parents' RV which was out for sale for a while, but never ended up selling, so it's taking it's storage unit back, which means the Brave and Elky have to give up their cozy, warm, indoor home. Luckily the summer months are coming though! I'm hoping to find somewhere in T-town to keep the Brave so I can have her close-by for some trips when the weather warms up again! Driving it from the storage unit to it's new parking spot brought back a flood of memories and great feelings. I adore being in the driver's seat of that little motor home.

top+cardigan+jeans/target :: shoes/minnetonka :: necklace/handmade

This outfit is actually from a little bit ago. Work outfit, hence the espresso-making jeans. Unfortunately, people want coffee super early in the morning, so I mostly get dressed in a quasi-coma state on the days that I work. Needless to say, I'm not a morning person, haha. Luckily I work with some awesome people, so they keep me sane in the morning.