Last weekend we finally fixed my bike's flat tire, got a bunch of friends together and went out to play bike polo! It was a ton of fun! Plus it was super sunny and warm, which made it feel like spring is almost here to stay. This business man came over to us and asked if he could play for a bit too, which was hilarious. He was riding around on Dan's bike in his slacks and button up shirt and tie. He had a blast! I unintentionally wore my most hipster outfit, haha (though it was actually just what I threw on for work in the morning). But hey, I mean, when in Rome, right? Overall it was an exciting and relaxing afternoon concluding in eating massive quantities of pizza on the curb. What could be better?

jeans/courtesy of jessica simpson :: shoes/courtesy of darlingtonia moccasins
t-shirt/AA :: plaid shirt/thrifted :: jacket/empyre :: shades/thrifted

photos of me by ben/dan