think pink

If you've been on my facebook page recently, you'll probably have seen a few of these photos already. I got this pink wig a few months ago and I don't wear it that much, mainly because it's not curly enough to look like my real hair, and I have a ton of hair, which is hard to shove into a wig. I ended up looking at some fun hair photos on tumblr yesterday and it made me want to get my pink wig out again! I had to pair it with my tattoo shirt to complete the effect. I've been contemplating tattoos for a very long time, and I suspect I will contemplate them for some time longer. It took me like three years to change from black to red hair. I don't make changes like that easily, haha. I'm learning to have more fun though. To enjoy the life I have, and I believe that bleeds over into how I look. It doesn't really make a difference what color my hair is, or what kind of clothes I'm wearing, or if I have ink on my skin. It's about loving life, loving myself, and being content with who I am.

It really bothers me when people say stuff like, "why would you do that to yourself" in regards to girls with tattoos or colorful hair, or piercings and the like. I think I dislike it because I dislike when people say it about my own hair color, even though it's not even an "unnatural" color. If I bring up changing my hair, some will say, "nooo! stay red! It's so much better!" and then others will say, "go back to black, I liked it better." And I realized... I dislike it when they say that because I'M the one wearing the hair. I am the one who wakes up ever morning and looks at myself in the mirror. No one else has to be me. No one else has to live in my skin, with my body and my hair, and my self. So it's a very personal thing for someone to tell you what they think you should look like. I think that as long as you are happy in your own skin and you smile when you look in the mirror, go with it. I don't care if the mirror is reflecting purple hair and full sleeve tattoos or blonde hair and a california tan. Love yourself first. You have to love yourself. When you start looking for other people to validate you, you allow yourself to be thrown to their every whim, which is exhausting. Plus, it's an unhealthy position to put yourself in. If you do everything you can to get people to approve of you, you aren't being yourself, you're being a reflection of what they want you to be, and the tension between those two opposing forces will tear you apart. Be you! You're awesome!

When Kaelah got her pink wig a few months ago I was really excited! I had been wanting to do something fun with my hair, but I'm not a fan of bleaching it to death in order to dye it fun colors (one of the drawbacks of having naturally dark hair). A wig seemed like a perfect solution! I got mine from the same shop that Kaelah did, Miss Violet Lace*.

I found this photo on tumblr the other day and I think I've decided I want to do something similar to my hair once I am done with my ginger days. I already decided to have some turquoise streaks in my hair once I dye it black, but I just love those turquoise bangs! So fun! I love the look of turquoise and blue together. So bold and striking! What's the most fun thing you've done to your hair?

*Apparently MissVioletLace has been scamming by buying wigs off ebay and selling them on etsy (which is why her etsy shop is now closed). Just FYI. I bought mine way back in November, so I wasn't aware of any of this, but just for future reference. Here's some links on the controversy: Etsy Call Out: Miss Violet Lace, Buying from ebay, selling on etsy, and Kaelah's post on it.