two of a kind

I do this all the time. I put on an outfit, give it the thumbs up from in front of the mirror and head out for my outfit photos. Then, I'll come back inside and change my outfit a smidge, like by adding a scarf or putting on a hat. Or I'll decide that I don't feel super comfortable in that outfit, and I'll change something about it. Usually at that point I don't feel like going out and doing a whole new outfit photo set, but this time I really liked both versions so I thought I'd post them both.

I've been wearing this knit cowl from Toil & Trouble like every day since it came in the mail. It's so comfy and cute and is absolutely perfect in this chilly weather. I've been wanting a cowl just like this one for ages. I just love the look of a chunky knit. The texture is so beautiful.

t-shirt/american apparel :: leggings/target :: hodge booties/courtesy of blowfish shoes
scarf/toil & trouble :: plaid top/old, don't remember

I found a box of old red hair dye from like 3 years ago (before I grew the balls to actually do it, haha!) and I decided to liven up my color. I had been noticing it was a little bit lackluster and it was a tad too blonde in a few places, just lacking a nice tone, so I thought I'd give it a bit of a boost with that red dye. I'm really glad I did! It's a subtle change, but I feel so much better!

top/scrapbook :: skirt/vintage :: necklace/courtesy of dolly and boy