candy striper

Okay, I'm not really a candy striper, but the colors I'm wearing are stripes of the candy-colored variation! All of a sudden I'm wearing a TON of stripes. I have no clue what precipitated this sudden onset of stripes, but I'm a fan. This dress came to me right in the middle of my stripe-storm from the Delightful Dozen and I really love it. It's so loose and un-fitted that it almost feels like it's an adult version of a dress designed for a 5 year old. This dress is perfect for frolicking around on hot sunny days. Let me tell you, I love me some frolicking.

dress/j.crew via delightful dozen :: cardigan & hat/target :: shoes/thrifted

Yesterday... big things started happening. Well, maybe not super big, but big enough to be noteworthy. I don't want to say too much until things are solidified, but uhaul trucks, a certain Winnebago Brave, coffee paraphernalia, and children are involved. Haha. Okay, those things aren't all related to the same thing... because that would be super strange.