This past weekend I decided to take a quick getaway to Soundview Camp to visit a couple friends. Since I'm now unemployed due to my workplace closing (sad face), it's not like I have to be in town for any reason. There was a Jr. High retreat up there over the weekend and it was kind of remarkable how much I'd forgotten of what it's like to be in Jr. High, and even high school. Since I've barely grown since Jr. High (if I have at all), I feel like maybe the whole growth-spurt, puberty thing didn't really hit me as hard as other kids. But whoa. Seeing all those kids put me right back in 7th grade when I was just this little girl with frizzy brown hair and nothing really physically striking about me (okay, well except for the hair. But back then I had no clue how to manage it and it was just this fuzzy big tumor on my head. Or that's how I felt). I remember not having boobs (still don't really. Well, a bit more, but not much), being short (still), and having NO sense of style. And I remember Brandy, the tall, blonde, developed girl in my class. I remember thinking that maybe if I looked like her then Nick, the 8th grader I had a crush on, would like me.

I kind of felt bad for all those young kids because I knew that probably all of them felt insecure about at least some part of themselves. Looking back, though, I am intensely happy that I was a wallflower. Even though I wanted a boy to like me so badly, I remember thinking that Junior High and High School relationships were pretty much all stupid, so at least I had some sense in that frizzy haired head of mine. I'm glad boys didn't like me because I had so much other stuff to focus on. I didn't have to deal with guys oogling my body, or coming on to me. Thank God, haha! Instead, I got straight A's started winning championships in Hunter/Jumpers and began a lifelong friendship with my best friend in the whole world. And though at the time I would've loved to have a boy like me, I think I got the better end of the deal.

vintage dress/noble town vintage :: cardigan/forever 21 :: shoes/thrifted

Until looking at these photos I didn't even realize how many polka dots I'm wearing! I haven't worn this dress in forever. It seems wrong to wear it when it's not super sunny outside. Some dresses just aren't complete if they aren't worn with the perfect accessory. In this case: Sun!