1022 South

The past couple weeks have been cuh-razy. My best friend in the world came into town last Saturday and we've been taking Tacoma by storm, hitting up all the yummy places to eat & drink and having a blast hanging out with my Tacoma friends. We went down to 1022 South on her first night in town since I knew she really loved good cocktails and 1022 is pretty much famous in Tacoma for their incredible drinks. I had never been there before either so I was excited to finally go! It definitely lived up to the hype and my taste buds were thrilled. Their drinks are a bit more spendy, so we started off with happy hour drinks before venturing on to the main menu.

After our first round we opted for some tasty morsels and noshed on some of their incredible food plates. Kristi got a panini sandwich and I ate smoked salmon crostini. Mmmmm. After a bit my friend Amy showed up and joined us for a whisky ginger or two. I really love the intimate atmosphere of 1022 and it's just close enough to 6th ave that the bike ride down there isn't bad at all (although Kris had to ride my beach cruiser... which is a beast of a bike).

She's leaving today, so I have to say goodbye again... till the next time our paths cross! I have lots of pictures from our adventures (including hair dying times!), so you'll be seeing more of our gallivanting. We may or may not have gone to 1022 a second time...