Brave Sneak Peek!

Here's a little sneaky peek of my little Brave in the woods! Since I'm not totally settled into it yet, there's still a bit that needs to be done, but I was so excited that I finally had a lens for my camera that would actually be appropriate for taking interior shots that I just had to share some photos! My new quilt looks absolutely amazing in the Brave! I got those little Winnebago figurines from Etsy a few months back. Totally going to be one of those weird old ladies who has a strange collection of Winne paraphernalia.

Right now I'm trying to figure out all the fun stuff that I'll be doing for my campers! I really really want to have a fun DIY thing that I can create for each of my girls that they can take back with them from camp and keep as a memento. I still have little neat things from when I was in highschool, tucked away in books, so I was thinking of making a bookmark for each of my girls with their name on it and something like a positive list of words that describes her, or a verse that encourages them, etc. I REALLY want to take an instax photo of each girl to include on this little bookmark thingy, but I don't have an instax camera yet and that would all be coming out of my (extremely limited) funds, so I'm gonna have to think about that and see if it'll work. I'll definitely share a DIY with you guys once I figure out what I'm doing!