Greetings from camp!

Well, folks! Greetings from Soundview! I've had quite a few posts scheduled already so the transition to being at camp wouldn't feel overwhelming. We've been full on with our staff training and our first camp group comes on Friday! Woo! We've been doing everything from learning about eachother, getting CPR certified, learning about first aid, protocols, how to use our walkie talkies, as well as what all our summer programs will be during the week! It's a ton of information, but so far everything is going really well. I've got quite a learning curve since I'm one of the very few new people on staff.

It's really nice to be out in nature again. Right now I'm living in the bunks with all the other staff during training so we can all be together, getting to know one another. Once camp actually starts, though, I'll be living in the Winne! I'm mostly moved into the Winne right now, just so I can have all my stuff organized in there instead of jumbled in the back of my car. It's so great to be living in the Winne again. Soulmates reunited! Now that I have a 24mm lens for my camera I'll be able to take some decent interior shots of the Brave, so hopefully I'll be able to post that soon too!

top/courtesy of ruche :: skirt/handmade :: shoes/courtesy of strut :: watch/urban outfitters

I got these shoes in the mail the day I was leaving for camp, and I'm so glad I did, because they are so cute! I love them! I really love little oxford flats because they have great details, but they're still flats, so they're easy to slip on and run around in, which I'll definitely be doing a lot of this summer!

The internet here is pretty slow, so I'll try to keep up with posts, but uploading photos takes a long time (it's like the good ol' days of mobile blogging in the Winne on the road!). I get about 24 hours off in between almost every camp session so I'll try to use that time to answer emails, tweets, etc.