I'm too excited to wait to post this tomorrow... look at my new hair!!! If you've been lurkin' my facebook or tumblr you've probably noticed my photoshopped hair ideas lately. Last night I lightened my hair and then this morning I scooped the dye on and ...voila! I'm pretty amazed at how close it came out to my photoshopped inspiration picture.

I checked out Kaylah's tips on how she does and maintains her vibrantly colored hair before starting mine, which was a great resource. I used Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink for the top and a combo of 'N Rage Color and Beyond the Zone Color Jamz for the Turquoise bottom. I put the turquoise on first, then did the pink, then touched up the areas I missed and blended the two colors where they met. I wrapped the turquoise tips in foil (so they wouldn't blend with the pink) and then put my hair up and covered it in a plastic bag. Dan and I actually went out for coffee while the dye was on and to keep from scaring the whole shop with my wacky hairdo, I just threw on my black wig, haha! I left the color on for about 4 hours to make sure it was on there good and vibrant before washing out the dye with cool water.

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These jeans are my brand new Levi's! I'm super stoked about them. I decided I needed a new pair of jeans for camp (since I'll probably be doing all sorts of activities better suited for pants than dresses and skirts) and so I headed out to the Supermall in Auburn, WA to check out the Nordstrom Rack because a friend told me they had some good jeans. Unfortunately the brands they had at the Rack were made for giant human beings (okay, probably just normal sized human beings), not people who are 5'1". Pretty much every pair was either at least 5 inches too long for me, were too big, or didn't take into account my more voluptuous body parts between my knees and hips. I left dejected and bummed out... until I stumbled upon the Levi's Outlet store and hit gold. I'm probably going back to get more jeans because they just fit me like a dream and the sizing is consistent and oh my goodness, I'm in love. The pair I got (the ones I'm wearing in this post) are actually... capris. Haha, yup. I'm that short. I remember watching an episode of Little People on TLC or whatever channel it's on and the folks talking about how they would buy capris and wear them as regular length pants. Well folks... now I'm one of those people. Haha! When I told Dan about my jeans being capris he literally ROFLMAO'd. Which made me LMAO. But anyways. Thanks for making me like jean shopping, Levi's!!