various shades of the same

Next to 1022 South there's this big empty field and the first time we went to 1022 Kris was like, "all I want to do is frolic in that field!" So we fulfilled her desire the second time we went down to 1022. I re-dyed my hair on Wednesday, but these photos are from earlier in the week and my hair had faded into more pastel shades. I actually liked it, it made it look even more like cotton candy! It was crazy because Kristi dyed her hair pink with the same exact dye I did my pink with and so I could see the shade my hair used to be right next to what it faded into! I've been told that Special Effects makes a really good pink color that doesn't fade as fast, but I haven't been able to find it in town. I don't really mind it fading that much, but I might try to get some online once I run out of Manic Panic pink.

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: belt/target :: shoes/minnetonka :: necklace/handmade

Kristi decided she too wanted to ride the multi-colored hair train, so we went back to the beauty store, acquired more dye and got to giving her some colorful hair! She opted for pink fading into purple. She's super stoked on it! I think she looks awesome.

It was awesome getting to see her. We've been best friends since we met in 8th grade, and haven't really spent more than a couple days together at most since graduating High School and going off to college in different parts of the country. I was so glad she got to meet Dan. She's wanted to meet him for years, especially now that we're together! I think it's pretty great when the people you're closest to really love the person you're in a relationship with. Happy feelings!

photos of me by Kristi