creature of habit

It's so strange to think about going back to the 'real world' when camp ends in August. I have zero plans and I'm completely unstressed about it. I don't even really have time to think about post-camp things, our days are totally packed! Someone asked me the other day if I felt like camp was going by slowly or quick. I couldn't even figure it out! It feels like a strange combination of both. I feel like looking back, it's gone by really quickly, but when I'm in the midst of it, the days seem to last forever.

skirt/vintage from Julie via Delightful Dozen :: favorites list top/courtesy of threadcase
shoes/courtesy of strut :: belt/target :: necklace/handmade

Every weekend when I go back to Tacoma for my 24hr break from camp I wear this top. For some reason I like to save it for my off time. It's just so light and airy and it makes me feel really pretty. I don't get to feel pretty too much during the week because I'm running around doing work projects with the high schoolers which usually involves doing stuff like painting, clearing trails, climbing into recycling bins to clean them out, and other activities which don't make one necessarily feel like getting done up and looking pretty. Dan laughed when he saw me on Friday because I waltzed into town wearing this top again, for probably the 3rd weekend in a row. What can I say, after wrangling high schoolers for a week, a girl just needs to let down her hair and feel a bit pretty.