The growth zone

I realized that being at camp I'm around more people consistently than I have been since college or even before in high school. Usually I spend time around pretty small groups of people, or by myself, so being with a staff of 30 people plus 15-70ish campers all the time is a crazy shift for me! It's allowing me to grow though, I think. We talk a lot about being in our "growth zone" here at camp. If you imagine a bulls-eye type image your comfort zone is in the middle circle, where you tend to stay to keep from feeling too uncomfortable. Then there's your growth zone right outsize your comfort zone, and when you do things that cause you to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone you put yourself in your growth zone. By putting yourself in your growth zone a lot, you actually end up expanding your comfort zone because the more you grow your experiences, the more things become comfortable for you. Pretty cool eh? Outside of the growth zone is the "danger zone" where if you put yourself so far out of your comfort zone that you are in your danger zone, you actually end up making your comfort zone smaller because that dangerous experience makes you even more scared to venture out of your comfort zone.

Man, pretty much all that's on my brain these days is camp stuff! I hope it doesn't get too boring for you guys. I have a little over a month left of camp and then it's back to the "real world." I can't even think that far ahead! I'm living day by day, which is a pretty nice way to live, actually. I don't have to worry about paying rent or affording food because I can just live in the Brave and eat three square meals a day of delicious food at the dining hall. Sweet!

dress/forever 21 :: shoes/fred meyer :: belt/target :: hat/claires :: scarf/thrifted

I got these shoes on mega sale from the little girls' section! Haha. Apparently I am a size 2 in little girls shoes. Oh tiny feet. These shoes actually have velcro straps on them. I don't think I've had velcro shoes since I was legitimately a kid. These are pretty cute shoes for little girls shoes though, right? Usually girls shoes are too cutesy and over-the-top saccharine for me, but these little espadrilles are so nice and simple.