seasons come, seasons go

This week has been kind of odd. It's our slow week at camp, which means there's no camp session, but we have to do 10 hours of work at camp--various work projects and other stuff that needs to be taken care of. So I've been driving back and forth from camp to Tacoma, doing work and hanging out with Daniel. Thus, my wardrobe is a bit scattered and I'm sort of living out of my car, so a lot of remixing has been going on. Remixing is my favorite thing about the blogosphere. I love the fact that we get to see real wardrobes on blogs, and people wearing clothes over and over, but the styling being fresh and fun every time. It's not like magazines where you see one item styled one way and then you never see it again, and you certainly wouldn't see that same item styled over multiple seasons.

Dan and I love taking walks to our favorite coffee shops or taverns and I snapped the photo below on one of our walks this week. He looked too good with his shades, white shirt and cycling cap, I couldn't resist!

top/courtesy of :: skirt/vintage via delightful dozen :: shoes/courtesy of strut

I had to style this skirt again before sending it on to the next Delightful Dozen lady. I love the color and shape and it's super comfortable. It's times like this that I curse the fact that it's vintage because I want to go out and buy one for myself so I can keep it!

I'm pretty sure I got like 2 or 3 Where's Waldo references while wearing this shirt. When I put it on I feel like it's more nautical, but apparently everyone else looks at it and thinks Waldo. I guess I wasn't hiding well enough because everyone found me.