the ultimate uniqueness of being

The other day I was in town for my day off and Dan and I were walking around and we ended up talking about how crazy it is that we even exist. Or that anyone you know exists. Because when you think about it, a person is created when one sperm makes contact with one egg and then the cell division starts going from there... but think about how many other sperm there were that could’ve gotten to that egg first. My parent’s firstborn could’ve been completely different if either a different sperm got to that egg first, or if a different egg was sitting there waiting to be fertilized. And then, take that back to you parents’ parents-- if they hadn’t “done it” right at the moment they did and some other person was created instead of the person who ended up being your mom/dad. It’s crazy!

I always like to think about how I am the only me that has ever and will ever exist. I am the only human being who will have this specific and unique combination of genes, environment, childhood and experiences... and so on. There has never been another me and there never will be. I can’t get over how cool that is. What is also cool is that your uniqueness is so necessary! Nobody else can be for the world what you can. I think we see this most strongly in famous people like Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Teresa. How different would our world be if they hadn’t recognized the worth of their uniqueness and had chosen not to step up into the roles they did. On a much less global level, though, we all have such a unique impact on our surroundings and our relationships with others that only we can have.

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To me, thinking this way makes it seem so silly to see others trying to “fit in” or trying to be just like someone else. Everything about a person is unique by nature, and yet we tend to strive to be just like everyone else, or at least what we perceive as what’s “accepted” or “popular.” I think this is why I dislike labels so much. When people pigeonhole someone else as being a prep, a hipster, a nerd, etc, they’re removing the unique attributes about that person and projecting their own preconceived notions upon them. While a person may dress and act a certain way which might make them fall into a group that can be described as preppy, that person is not “a prep,” they are a completely unique and amazing person. By labeling them, you’re stripping your experience of them and substituting your own biases and ideas.

What do you guys think about your uniqueness? I think it's one of the coolest things about being a person. If you want to share your thoughts or posts on the subject, link up below! I'd love to hear you guys lovin' up on your awesome uniqueness! (this is my first time using the linky thing so if it's not working, just be patient and I'll try to fix it!).