It feels good to be in familiar places. These photos were taken in the alley behind my old apartment. I haven't found new photo spots near my new location, so I visited an old familiar haunt. Interestingly we had tons and tons of blackberry bushes out at camp and when I was taking these photos I realized the bush next to me was an enormous blackberry plant! It's so great to discover natural berry bushes and fruit trees. It's like a free snack as you walk by.

top/courtesy of ruche :: skirt/free people :: shoes/courtesy of darlingtonia

My friends at camp got me into watching Doctor Who and thanks to Netflix, my new obsession is readily available. It's so corny but so good! Dan and I were devouring Battlestar Galactica before I left for camp and we haven't gotten back into it yet. Thankfully Dan is totally on board with my geeky sci-fi side. I may or may not have been to a Star Trek convention in the days of my adolescence...