do what you love, love what you do

It's been a long process to finish these two designs since being at camp and having almost no time to do anything, but I finally got them done! The design on top is very much my style (the woodgrain background is the Brave's interior!), and the bottom one is a bit different from my typical vintage kitschy style, but I really love how it turned out! I love using hand-drawn elements in designs and I got to do that with Rylee's design! Go check out Rylee and Becky's blogs!

I'm not accepting new clients at the moment, but once I get back from camp I'll be doing blog design full time, so I'll be taking on clients at that time. There are other designers for you to choose from, too, when you work with Freckled Nest, which is awesome because you can pick the designer you feel best fits your aesthetic! Click here for more info or check out more blogs I've designed!