What I Wore

A bit ago I received a copy of Jessica Quirk's new book What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipies for Personal Style, and I've been browsing through it on my free time at camp. I really love seeing bloggers succeeding in areas that they are really passionate about– like Elsie and her Red Velvet shop and dress line, or Kaelah and her small business dreams. So to see this book finally come to fruition is really great! And it makes it even sweeter that it's an amazing book! Jessica hand illustrated all of the images in the book and her advice and tips are all really useful. I've already used some of the outfits she drew as inspiration for some of my own outfits! I think that especially for someone just starting out with revamping their wardrobe and style, this book would be an amazing resource and foundation!