The berrys cheek is plumper

Dan and I went on a little impromptu visit to his parents in Packwood, WA yesterday for a sort of mini-Thanksgiving dinner since we ended up staying in Tacoma for Thanksgiving day. It was really fun! Today we went up to White Pass and went snowshoeing! I don't think I've ever been snowshoeing for reals. Growing up in Alaska we always had snowshoes laying around but I don't remember ever consciously going on on a snowshoeing adventure. We mostly used them for doing work around the house or in the woods when the snow was too deep.

It was beautiful weather though, warm enough that we had to start shedding some layers! I think we might go up again sometime in the future to go snowboarding. I'm going to have to get my snowboard from Alaska, though, I hate having to rent gear. So expensive!

dress/modcloth :: tights/fred meyer :: boots/courtesy of blowfish
belt/target :: coat/tulle

This is my favorite (and pretty much my only) winter coat. My mom got it for me last year and it's become a major staple in my winter closet. I've been on the prowl for a new winter coat, and I had put this one on my wishlist until Dan came up behind me and was like, "don't you already own that coat?" Haha. I guess I should probably pick a coat that doesn't look the same as the one I already own, eh? Now I'm trying to decide between the Tularosa coat and the Toggle at My Heart jacket. Ever since my favorite black pea coat was stolen last winter, I've been really wishing I had a replacement.