DIY: cute cameras

This is a super fun, really easy DIY that can add a cute detail to a party! I made these ones for my wedding reception, but they'd also be really fun to have at birthday parties too, even for kids! The fun thing about disposable cameras is that they're pretty much foolproof, I bet kiddos would have a blast snapping away with them!

While this is pretty easy to do, it does involve a bit of tedium, so be prepared! First you'll need to gather your supplies: Your disposable cameras, the contact paper you want to use (I used my trusty faux boix contact paper), scissors, and an xacto knife.

Take one of your cameras and carefully peel off the front cover, you'll need it mostly intact so you can create your template. Once you have it off, stick it on your contact paper, image side up (like in the photo above). Cut around the original, right at the edge of it, so the two match perfectly. You may need to use the xacto knife to cut out the inside circle where the lens goes. Great! Now peel off the old cover and you're left with your template for the front! Repeat this process with the back cover and you'll have both templates ready to go!

Use the front and back originals that you cut out to trace as many more covers as you'll need.

Now you're ready to stick them on! This part is super gratifying. Peel all the ugly original covers off your disposable cameras and start sticking your pretty new ones on! You can also use sharpie or paint pen to write or draw fun things on them (I used white opaque markers for mine).

There yah go! Go forth and make cute cameras, folks!