From the Bar: Red Hot Apple Cider

This would be a perfect little drink to warm your bones after a chilly day outside cutting down your christmas tree, just chilling out at home on a cozy day reading a book, or an awesome cocktail to sip on after your thanksgiving meal while everyone is lazing around in a food-coma stupor. Plus it's super easy, just two ingredients! Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and Hot Apple Cider, and if you want to make cute little apple cups to serve it in, you'll need some apples as well.

To make the apple cups, slice off the top of the apple (you can use this later as a garnish), and then scoop out the inside of the apple using a spoon or melon baller. Make sure to leave enough apple inside to keep the walls intact.

Heat up your apple cider, pour 1-2 ounces of Fireball in your apple cup or glass and then add the hot apple cider. You can decide how much Fireball you'd like in the drink based on the taste. I found that about 1.5 ounces in an 8 ounce glass tasted pretty delicious, but you can put more or less in depending on what you prefer. Garnish with an apple slice and/or a cinnamon stick.