On Film: Our Departure

We had some cute little disposable cameras at the wedding and there are a ton of fun pictures on them! There are too many to share all at once so I thought I'd break them up into related events. These ones are from when we ran through the birdseed throwing gauntlet to make our escape. Let me tell you, something that I wasn't aware of prior to getting married: how traumatizing it is to have tons of birdseed tossed at you by a throng of people. Holy cow! When Dan & I got out of the car we were covered in it--in our hair, stuck in our clothes, in my bouquet, in Dan's beard... I even found some in my underwear that night... yeah. I think my favorite photo is of Kaela still enthusiastically throwing birdseed at us even as we're getting in the car, haha! Speaking of which, isn't the El Camino so cute all wedding'd up? And see the Winne in the background? Yup, the Brave made it into the wedding too!