Our Cozy Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was so relaxing and perfect. We stayed in a little log cabin near Mount Rainier built in 1955, it was so incredibly cozy! We spent most of our time just laying around being lazy in the cabin, playing card games, hot tubbing, reading books and eating. The cabin had it's own private deck with a two person hot tub that we soaked in every night. It was nice that the cabin had its own kitchen, so I got to make dinner every night. Lasagna, Salmon, Pizza, yum!

On the second day there were beautiful clear skies, so we went up to Mount Rainier to walk around and look a the majestic peak while it wasn't shrouded in cloud cover. So fun! We drove up to Paradise, which is as high up as you can go, and then walked up the trail a bit. We saw two little foxes on our trip up to Paradise, so on our last day we decided to get a fox christmas tree ornament from the gift shop so we can remember our honeymoon each Christmas.

On the last day, we checked out of our cabin and went back up into Mt. Rainier park for a little walk on a trail near Longmire. It was a nice walk and those kinds of places are always so interesting to me, seeing the remnants of people making their home in the high wilderness a century ago. Sometimes I wish I could go out into the wilderness, make a log cabin and live in the woods. So peaceful.

We'd heard that the restaurant that owned the little cabin we stayed in was really good, so on our way back down the mountain we stopped there one last time for lunch before heading home. It was a short honeymoon, but we were excited to get home and start settling into our little house together!