The Rehearsal Dinner

Dan's parents arranged everything for the rehearsal dinner and they held it at his Aunt and Uncle's house, which ended up being perfect! They had a bunch of baby pictures of both of us and then a table set up with photos of us as kids clothes pinned to bicycle wheels! There was also a bicycle built for two in the dining room, but I forgot to take a picture! It was so cute. A purple vintage two person schwinn. So amazing!

We kept looking at the baby pictures above because oddly enough, we looked super similar as babies! So odd, we don't look anything alike nowadays! Though our outfits in those baby photos are kind of similar to the outfits we wear these days, haha.

The dinner was delicious and the toasts were so nice. I tried not to cry during toasts, but I didn't quite make it through the whole time. Pretty much the whole weekend anytime my Grampa said anything (no really... anything) I basically started weeping. He was just so sincere and precious. He was staying with my parents, so when I went over for the bridesmaid luncheon he was there. I hadn't seen my grandparents yet, so I went over to hug them and as I hugged my Grampa he told me with tears in his eyes how I used to be his little "wee-bit" (wee-bit is what he has always called me) but that I'm not a little wee-bit anymore. I had to tell him through tears that I'd always be his wee-bit (you can see my Grampa in the photo below next to my Dad who's giving a toast).