Candy Cane Mug Hangers

I had a ton of candy canes leftover from the gingerbread house making party, so I figured I should do something with them other than let them be eaten by me one my one. So I made these little chocolate things that can hang over the side of your mug and melt it's chocolate deliciousness into your beverage! I think they'd be super cute little gifts for a coworker or for your favorite barista (I'm at a coffee shop right now and regretting that I didn't bring any for the wonderful folks who caffeinate me).

They're ridiculously easy to make. Just warm up some chocolate-- I used a saucepan because we don't have a microwave, but it'd probably be easier to nuke it-- and then coat the part of the candy cane that hangs into the mug with chocolate. If you want to get fancy, you can coat the chocolate in sprinkles or even crushed up candy canes (double peppermint action!). I used dark chocolate and white chocolate. You could even drizzle white chocolate on to your dark chocolate sticks, too (or vice versa) for a pretty effect!

Once you've completed your sticks, hang them on a string by their candy cane hook to dry. Oh, and when you get the candy canes from the store, make sure to get ones that have an open hook part. Some candy canes have the hook part bent so much that they're pretty much closed and won't be able to fit around the lip of a mug.

Just add hot cocoa or coffee (or a mocha!) and hook your beautiful candy cane over the edge of your mug to infuse some tasty pepperminty goodness into your drink!