Getting Ready: Makeup and the Winne

You guys! I finally got my wedding pictures back and I'm so excited! Be prepared for some picture heavy posts this week because I'm terrible at editing them down.

This first set is from the morning of the wedding at my house as all us ladies are getting ready. I had originally set an appointment for us all to get our hair done at some fancy salon, but then I realized that every time I go to a salon, whether it's for a hair cut or to get it done for a special occasion, I always end up going home and re-doing it/fixing it myself. So I cancelled all our appointments and decided we'd DIY it at my house. I'm so glad I made that decision, it was so much more special to have us all bustling about in my tiny house laughing and getting ready together.

The night before we put rag curls in all the bridesmaids' hair... which was a learning process and pretty fun! I'd never done rag curls before (yeah, I tested out something new... for my wedding, haha!), mainly because I don't really need any more curls, but all the bridesmaids had straight hair, so I figured why not give it a whirl? My inspiration for the bridesmaids' hair was from Katie of Skunkboy Creatures. The curls were insane! It was kind of a crack up when they first took the rags out (note Kaela's concerned expression in the photo above), but once we tamed them a bit and put them up, they looked really cute.

I had set my alarm for 7, but when I woke up it was still dark outside and I rolled over and said, "one more hour..." So I got up at 8 and braided my hair while pretty much everyone was still nestled asleep. I had to drive the El Camino over to the venue in the morning so it would be there when Dan & I made our getaway, so I took it over once my hair was braided and got a ride back home. On the way back we picked up some coffee for all the girls and when we got home everyone was awake and Kaela had made breakfast, yum!

Once everyone was ready to go, we all piled into the Winne, put our dresses in the closet and buckled up. But... when I went to start the Brave, her battery was dead! This had never happened and I thought maybe the Brave was a bit miffed that I was getting married. I was about to have Kristi (my MOH) get the car to jump it, when I thought I'd try again. The Winne has this neat feature where if you kill the car battery you can momentarily connect to the house batteries (the ones that power the "home" part of the motorhome), and she started up! Thank goodness!

Kaela still had a ton of candy cigarettes left over from the bachelorette party, so she pulled them out and we all "smoked" one. This picture Anna took of me getting out of the Winne i s so tacky it cracks me up. My wedding dress garment bag still has my mom's name taped to it, too, haha!

photos by arrow & apple (all except 3rd from bottom)