Pretty Packaging: Mason Jars

This holiday I've been having a lot of fun making things look pretty and creating lovely packaging, so when my Peppermint Liqueur was done and ready to be divvied up into smaller jars for gifts, I really wanted to make them look nice! I put wood contact paper on the top of the jar, wrapped a red and white bow around it with a candy cane and paper-clipped the "to:" note on it. So excited to give these out to friends for Christmas. I've made two more batches because it was so delicious!

I have a ton of mason jars leftover from the wedding (we had mimosas in mason jars) so I've been scheming how I can use them in different and creative ways. Here are a few cute ways to package mason jars as gifts that I came up with, and a couple more ideas via Ruffled and A Subtle Revelry.