This was my "official" Christmas outfit. I wore it to Christmas with Dan's family but with a petticoat, white heart tights and my mint green Seychelles. For the next day I wore it again for Christmas with my family! Unfortunately I had to retire my old white heart tights because they were pretty much shredded beyond wearability, so I wore my black polka dot tights with boots instead. My black polka dot tights are almost to the point of being retired as well, but they're my favorite so I can't let go! I need to find a replacement, stat! Target, why did you stop selling these?

coat + tights/target :: boots/courtesy of blowfish :: headband/gift

Santa (cough*I*cough) got Dan & I a month membership to Edgeworks climbing gym and on Tuesday we went for the first time. Holy cow am I sore! It's really hard work, but I'm really enjoying it a lot. I'd never thought about going to a climbing gym before but I like the challenge and the problem solving. Gyms aren't my favorite places and I always feel dumb walking into one and not knowing where the locker rooms are, how to work all the equipment, etc. I'm excited to get stronger and better at climbing, plus they have yoga and pilates classes too! I kind of feel like cat woman climbing up those walls, though far less sexy and effortless...