The Great Land

Here are a few bits and pieces from our trip to Alaska. We ended up being lazier than I anticipated, but got a few fun things done! We went to a couple Aces games, which is one of my favorite things to do in Anchorage. I've gone since 1996, so it was nice to have Dan experience one of my pasttimes. I even got a goal on video!

We also stopped by my barn where I used to ride. It was hovering around 0ºF when we went to the barn, so I think Dan appreciated the dedication we Alaskan equestrians have. I got to chat with my old trainer for a bit and then went out to see my old horse's daughter, Juneau!

We snuck in some snowmachining here and there and had a party for my parents' 31st anniversary/a sort of wedding party for Dan & I since many of our Alaskan family friends couldn't make it down. It was a fun trip and I really enjoyed being back at home. It's craziness that I currently live in a place that doesn't have a proper snowy winter!