Snow white

I love taking outfit photos in snow, it's just so beautiful and crisp and clean. However, the snow comes with some brutal temperatures. Brrrrr! We took a family photo on our last day in AK and I'm pretty sure it never got above 0ºF that day. It did warm up to -2º from -6º by the time we took the photo, though. Even with the snow and the freezing temperatures, I do miss Alaska. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever go back, but for now it looks like Washington is home, well, at least until our lease is up in September. Dan loves the snow, but I don't know if he'd be willing to move so far away from his family.

plaid button down crop top/courtesy of free people :: jacket + tights/target
boots/courtesy of blowfish :: dress (last year)/courtesy of modcloth :: belt/souvenir
ring + necklace/ courtesy of jewelmint

I took a few pairs of shoes to AK, but I really only ended up wearing these boots. They really were great in the snow and work nicely with both dresses and jeans. While this dress is clearly a summer sundress, it always seems to lend itself to being layered for winter-time wear. I've been wearing a lot more color this winter and I've been enjoying the contrast, especially against a snowy background. I think we tend to gravitate towards darker and less colorful outfits in the winter, myself included, but I've got so much color in my wardrobe now that it's hard to put something together without having a pop of color. My rust and cranberry tights have been helping and I think I may need to head to target again soon to browse the $5 tights rack for more colors!

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