The Tacoma Social

Last night I went out to the Tacoma Social and met up with Mandy, who is one of my favorites. I'm still pretty new to Tacoma, so I'm making (feeble) attempts at getting out into the community more. One of the coffee shops I go to has started doing open mic nights, so I might try to start doing open mic again. Regardless, I like the idea of the whole Tacoma Social thing. It's put on by this new organization/website that's devoted to sharing the beautiful people and places that Tacoma has to offer, which reminds me a lot of the magazine I started back at college trying to do the same thing for Spokane. Unfortunately my magazine only lasted a few months until I graduated college and then moved away from Spokane, but I still like Spokane's culture and feel like Tacoma has a lot of the same living-in-Seattle's-vast-cultural-shadow to overcome when it comes to our little city. But I love the culture here and I loved the culture in Spokane as well. It isn't as easy to find, but when you do, it's a rich wealth of creative people making the city their own.

top(dress)/free people :: skirt+hat+scarf/thrifted :: cardigan/gap
shoes+jacket/courtesy of modcloth :: tights/target :: bag/ona :: photos by Dan