This past weekend I was at camp helping out with a high school retreat, so I was MIA on the internet. It was a nice escape from the daily grind though. When I got back I didn't even want to open up my laptop and start diving back into the "real world." I think it's important to take a step back from the internet, though, and enjoy some tech-free time. I want to make it a more common occurrence. While I like blogging and reading blogs, sometimes it gets easy to spend the whole day in an internet haze.

A new routine that is helping me get out of the house and get the blood pumping is our gym membership. We like to ride our bikes to the rock climbing gym (6 - 7 miles round trip), get a smoothie beforehand, climb for about 30-45 minutes (and I like to go to pilates, but I haven't convinced Dan of its awesomeness yet), and then ride back home. It's fun because I always have hated going to a normal gym all by myself, and rock climbing is so much more awesome than awkwardly trying to figure out how all those crazy gym contraptions work. It's competitive and super goal-oriented and you can work at you own pace/level. I'm really glad Dan wanted to get a membership, it's awesome!

top/forever 21 :: skirt/thrifted :: coat/tulle :: necklaces/courtesy of jewelmint
gloves/target :: shoes/lulu e. bebe :: photos by Dan

Dan is doing a darkroom photography class this quarter in school, so we've been going on photo adventures together. He's borrowing my 35mm Olympus OM-1, and it's making me really want to start taking film photos again! Developing and printing photos was always such a magical experience. Maybe someday I'll have a house with a basement or garage where I can have a darkroom/printmaking studio. That would be so much fun!