Battlestar Galactibash

While I was driving around my mom & brother in Seattle last week my mom spied a billboard for the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the Seattle EMP Museum, which I somehow had not heard about, even though Dan & I have been watching BSG for almost a year. I went online to see how long the exhibit was running and discovered that there was going to be a party for the exhibit closing the next night. I immediately bought tickets for Dan & I and the next night we were driving up to Seattle for a night full of nerdy fun.

The exhibit itself was pretty cool. They had 3 full size ships from the series, a replica of the original 1978 series' filming model of the ship (1st photo), and a ton of costumes from various characters. When I bought the tickets for the party we were 7 episodes from being done with the entire series, and since we didn't want to have anyone give away the ending we obviously had to portlandia it and do a little marathon.

They had a Q&A panel with writers, producers and one of the actors from the show (who I got a photo with!). There were fun activities, themed drinks, an "airlock" photobooth, trivia games, raffles, and lots more nerdy fun.

I wore the most sci-fi dress I could find in my closet, and apparently it was a hit because people kept coming up to me and telling me they loved it! Haha! And you can't really tell, but I had to represent a bit of Star Trek and wore my Enterprise necklace. There's a better photo of it in this post. It's awesome.

dress + tights/courtesy of modcloth :: coat/tulle :: shoes/payless :: bag/fossil