Bride & Groom

After I posted all those wedding photos back in December I got back in the swing of posting outfits and such and forgot about posting the rest of the photos. There aren't really that many left to post, but I for sure wanted to share our bride & groom portraits.

Since we didn't see each other before the ceremony we did our photos after the reception down on the beach. By that time we were both completely wiped out, so we didn't spend a ton of time doing photos before we collapsed back into the car and lazily drove to the hotel for a nap... before being picked up by a couple friends for a trip down to the Parkway for a few newlywed beers. It was fun to see all our favorite people at one of the places where we spend most our time while we were dating. It's one of my favorite things about that day. It was our big wedding day, but we still got to go down to the Parkway for a pint at the end of the day, like usual.

photos by arrow & apple