Confused Seasons

It's snowing as I write this. Where'd you go, spring?! Perhaps I confused it with this autumnal outfit. Try as I might, winter is holding on a bit longer. I'm excited to go hang out in Texas in a couple weeks to warm up my bones a bit. Are any of you guys going to the Texas Style Council conference in March? If so, I might see you! I should probably start figuring out what to wear, though, being a chronic procrastinator I'll probably wait till the night before my flight.

This past weekend was pretty low key. I worked on a few DIYs and we mostly just stayed in, as Dan caught some sort of cold and was feeling under the weather. Hopefully I don't catch it too, but I won't be surprised if I do. Luckily there are tons of blogs to read and lots of Oscars red carpet prettiness to gaze upon if I do indeed find myself under the weather. Whenever I'm reading blogs and Dan looks over he says, "looking at girls on the internet again?" Haha, yup! So many pretty ladies on the internets!

top(dress)/ruche :: skirt/free people :: cardigan/forever21 :: bag/fossil
hat + shoes/thrifted :: tights/courtesy of welovecolors :: jacket/target