DIY // Faux Flower Crown

I love flower crowns. The only thing I don't like about flower crowns is how they get all wilted by the end of the day. Solution? Faux flower crown. All the flower crown goodness without the mortality of real flowers. I actually wanted to wear a flower crown for my wedding at one time, and if it had been in the summer and outside, I probably would've. Nevertheless, my love for flower crowns has not waned. They have this feminine, free-spirited quality that makes them so beautiful to me.

What you'll need:
Faux Flowers
Wire (I got mine in the floral section w/ a natural covering on it, so it's easier for the tape to stick to)
Floral Tape

1. Start off by figuring out how long you'll need to cut your wire by testing it on your head. I wrapped mine around twice, so it's more sturdy and easier to attach the flowers.

2. Cut, wrap the wire around itself and tape the ends so they're secure.

3. Start taping the flowers to the crown from back to front. I started a few inches from the center of the back and worked forwards. In order to have enough stem to anchor the flowers to the crown, I cut my flowers with about 2-3 inches of stem. I found it was easiest to tape the very tip of the stem and then tape closer to the flower itself to secure it. I pulled off a few leaves and taped them on intermittently throughout the crown to add some fullness and greenery.

4. Continue taping around the crown until you get to the front, and then switch the direction of the stems, so they face the back of the other side of the crown (so, essentially they come out of the center of the back on both sides towards the front and meet in the middle of the front, similar to the directionality of a laurel crown). Or, if you'd like, you can just continue around the whole crown in one direction! I started running low on flowers so I kept them concentrated at the front and then put more greenery in the back.

There ya go! It took me under an hour to make mine and then immediately placed it upon my head and wore it around town feeling pretty damn fancy. One of my favorite colors is yellow, and I'm convinced it's the happiest of all colors, so I chose to make my crown yellow & white. Actually, it's pretty similar to what my bridal bouquet looked like! What can I say, I know what I like!