Gaining Momentum

Time travel! These photos are back from before I cut my hair! So odd to see it long. I'm actually really enjoying having it short. There are some days when I pine for long locks, or to braid it or put it into an updo, but for the most part I really like having my hair shorter.

One of these photos was just featured in the newest issue of Momentum Magazine! You can find the magazine online here, and I know that it's available on newsstands as well! They featured some lovely bike riding bloggers, including two of my favorite bloggers, Veronika and Erin. I also did a little mini-interview which you can find here.

top/courtesy of emerging thoughts :: skirt/free people
tights/ target :: cardigan + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: photos by dan

The weather has been pretty nasty this winter, so we've been doing more walking and driving than biking, unfortunately, but I'm excited for summertime and doing lots of biking. From what I've gathered, most ladies like to ride a more upright, step-through framed bike for their every day cruiser. I think this is mostly because an upright set up is more fashion-friendly, but for me, I'm in love with my fixie. I've had 3 bikes in Tacoma: this black fixie (a craigslist find), a blue beach cruiser, and an Univega with a mixte frame. The beach cruiser, while it was super cute, is so ridiculously heavy that it's just not practical for the riding I like to do, which isn't a lot of riding, but Tacoma is rather hilly and a heavy bike like that wasn't gonna do. I brought my mom's old Univega down from Alaska after Christmas 2010 and that was a great bike. It had the mixte step-through frame, which is nice, and it's overall a great bike.

My fixie, though, has been my favorite to ride, and so it's become my only bike. It's very lightweight, has a good gear ratio, and I really like the drops, which make it much easier to ride uphill, which is pretty frequent in this town. It's definitely not as fashion friendly, but I only find that really short or tight skirts are the limiting factor. For the most part, my dresses are long enough to not pose a problem, especially because I wear opaque tights all the time. Come summer, though, bike shorts under my skirts will probably have to replace the tights.

It's not as cute or pretty as my other bikes, but it always gets me where I need to go and it's a comfortable ride, so I think I'm gonna stick with it as my main squeeze. There is a cute abandoned bike on the side of our house that I want to restore, though! Summer project!