A Little Bit Rock and Roll

I don't wear either of these dresses very often because they're both a bit too big for me. the lace underdress sits too low on my bust and the other dress falls off my shoulders constantly. So the only way I can wear them is together, with the straps of the top dress pinned to the shoulders of the lace dress so they don't fall off, and the bust of the lace dress covered by the over-dress. A symbiotic relationship, I suppose! I've contemplated selling these dresses on more than one occasion, just because they don't get very much wear and I don't go to enough events where an LBD is required. But, I suppose it's nice to have something in my closet for those days when I want to go out on a sultry date with Dan, so they remain. This outfit is actually from Valentine's Day!

both dresses & boots/lulu e. bebe :: necklace/Navajo roadside seller in Arizona
jacket/forever 21 :: tights/courtesy of ModCloth

A bit ago I was lamenting the lack of sexy things in my wardrobe, so I went to Forever 21 to help rectify this and I bought a pair of high waisted vintage-y short shorts and this awesome, red faux leather, studded jacket. I was hoping the jacket would put off my desire for a black leather moto-jacket, but while it's super awesome, it's not as versatile as the classic black jacket. So, alas, I'm still on the lookout for an affordable leather or faux leather jacket. I feel like it's one of those closet staples, and I used to have a faux leather one from Wet Seal, but it felt more like plastic than leather and the arms were way too long, so I let it go. I have hopes that someday I'll have the best thrifting day ever and find the perfect one secondhand.